Deloitte preonboarding process

What were the challenges and needs of Deloitte’s client?

Programme objective:

Deloitte, as a modern company that cares about its employer branding, decided to implement a gamified platform – gamification of recruitment and pre-onboarding.


Thanks to it, the company was able to test the skills of candidates, but also take care of them during the pre-onboarding period, staying in constant contact with them and passing on the first pills of knowledge.

Programme course:

Deloitte recruits the best candidates for the unique team that is Mergers&Acquisition. The company decided to provide them with a unique experience.

Already at the stage of the first contact with the company, candidates are invited to an interesting and very substantive adventure – this is a gamification of recruitment on the Gamehill platform!

Welcome in our office! We need your help. Easy, you don't have to know everything by now, we will provide you with some learning materials. For completing each task you will receive points and for the time spent on learning we will reward you with a currency that you can exchange in our store. Good luck!

Implementation of the project gamification of recruitment and pre-onboarding
Each candidate overcomes interesting tasks by performing real analyses and calculations on a pre-prepared case study. In return, they get a very interesting picture of their future work and learn what interesting things await them when they join the Deloitte team.

This adventure, are tasks in the form of microlearning:

animated films
tasks requiring complex calculations in Excel

Participants learned, among other things:

Meet Deloitte
Let's discover the secrets of this business unit
Let's check your BS knowledge!
Find out more about Clothes & Garments
You can now go to the Valuation and Modeling tasks
M&A Transaction Services tasks