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We work with companies that are leaders in their industry.
Banks, logistics companies, retailers engage people in learning with The Gamehill platform.
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Creativity and flexibility of a start-up combined with years experience in L&D at your service!


11000 +


gamified projects


500000 +
user activities

We have

8 years
experience in gamification
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We have around 350 sales representatives among the participants. About 200 of them never sold one of our products. Now we see that as much as 33 % of them started selling it and they are very active on the platform. They have 100 % completed activities. If anyone asks me if the project pays off, I will answer “yes” with great certainty. Thanks to the gamification platform, access to many types of activity statistics is very simple.

Radosław Sujka
Pawel Bendor

For me the gamification platform is, what causes the attention of users to be focused on us all the time,
which is not easy at all. It’s a great tool, that allows us to unite the group, where they can learn and grow together, compete between each other and exchange experiences.

Paweł Bendor
Group 1571
Gamification is the use of mechanisms known from games to areas other than GAME. Gamification makes repetitive tasks engaging and helps build habits

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Relatable worlds

We take users for an adventure to worlds, that are familiar enough to engage all age groups, and exciting enough to engage in the story.

Meaningful learning

Your employees, managers, salespeople and candidates will quickly see, that tasks presented to them are really helpful in their everyday duties.

Long term engagement

It is easy to create short-lived hype. We have proven, that wisely utilising a variety of mechanics we can engage the same group for 9, 15 or even 24 months. Or forever really...

The science of learning

Understanding of the learning process for adults working in large corporations is key. With 15 years of experience in L&D as Westhill Consulting, we know how it works, and plan accordingly.

Artificial intellgence

Will it stick? This question lead us to large investment in AI sticky - machine learning module, that will learn, and adapt the skills path for each user, so whatever they are learning really sticks!

Experienced gamificators

Gamification that works is not an easy feast to achieve. That's why we will support you all the way through the process. We will share our know how to help you plan the perfect learning experience, that is fun and delivers business results.

What kind of investment is it?

You decide! Choose between an off-the-shelf management or sales skills development program or create with us a customized solution to precisely target your needs!
5 – 1 (1)
Best choice if you want a quick start a program with the content from our management and sales skills library. Super engaging for a group of up to 100 users!
  • Choice of great storylines
  • Content from 400+ items new media library
  • Customize with your company colours and logo
  • Fully secure and OWASP2 complaint
Popular Choice
5 – 2
Best choice for most clients. They appreciate the richness of storylines and game mechanisms. All the features from GAME! and additional useful features.
  • Engage with your own storyline!
  • Virtual and material rewards shop
  • Full access to the client admin panel for advanced statistics and self management.
5 – 3
If you want to unleash your imagination! Our clients appreciate the individual approach and tailor-made features. All the features from PLUS! and more.
  • Create a brave new world & story!
  • Engage with new types of tasks and challenges!
  • Add new menu options and functionalities!

Is it any good?

Well, yes. But don’t take it from us. Our list of corporate clients is impressive already, and grows steadily. How about industry experts? We have been recognized three times in the international learning arena: Learning Technologies Awards Gold in Best International Learning Platform Implementation and Gamification Europe Gold in Outstanding Gamification Software, which confirms our contribution to the development of corporate learning in the world.


Sounds good and looks great? Let’s talk!

Write to us and you will see how gamification can support your business!
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