Saint Gobain ‘Program Compass’



In this ongoing program for last 5 years and 15 editions we are preparing managers for the new role and introducing them to the tasks at their new job, in line with a consistent management model, based on the Approaches and Principles of Saint-Gobain Group. The primary objective of the programme is to help its participants with proper understanding and fulfilling the new role. Thanks to the programme, Managers will have an opportunity of exchanging experiences when communicating with other participants.


Implementing a consistent model of management at all levels of the organisation based on the Approaches and Principles of Saint-Gobain Group and training personnel to become fully aware and motivated managers.


During the travel, participants will take part in workshop sessions in the real world and will complete numerous manager tasks in the virtual world. This is gamification on a development platform full of mutual inspiration.

Objectives for the randomised implementation of all new managers.

The Saint-Gobain Group, which includes 20 companies, wanted to raise the managerial competence model to the highest level. One of the challenges was also to standardise the level of competence for newly appointed managers, of which there are more than a dozen per quarter. Accordingly, Saint-Gobain set itself the goal of implementing new managers in the best possible way.

What does the onboarding process look like for a chief executive - leadership role?

We implemented a comprehensive managerial onboarding for all newly appointed and newly recruited Saint Gobain Managers. Managers with more seniority were, of course, also able to join the programme. The aim of the Compass Programme was to prepare managers for their new role and to introduce them to the tasks of their new position. All, of course, in line with a coherent management model based primarily on the Saint Gobain Group's Attitudes and Principles.

Effects of gamification for managers

The process of story-driven gamification for Saint Gobain has become a permanent part of the e-learning ecosystem. That is, every new manager has access to this solution. Those who participated in the first editions of the project are currently inviting their subordinates to participate. For the client, the result of this hybrid (combining internal training and an online platform) solution is the implementation of a uniform management model at all levels of the organisation. Another success is the transparent and effective on-boarding model for new managers.