Leader AUCHAN ‘Talent Program’


The 'Auchan Leader' project is a pioneering approach to leadership development, combining traditional training methods with modern technology. In this innovative talent programme, we focused on a hybrid development model, combining classroom workshops with gamification and microlearning on a dedicated platform. The aim was to develop key competences such as customer orientation, result, collaboration, openness to learning, decision-making, and team management.


The main challenges were the need to create an engaging development programme that was flexible and adapted to the rapid pace of change in the business environment.


The solution was to combine traditional training methods with a modern gamification platform offering microlearning material formats.

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Gamification Platform

Key to Gaining Achievements

The gamification platform was the heart of the "Auchan Leader" development program, playing a key role in the process of consolidating the knowledge acquired by the leaders during the workshops. Through the use of innovative technological solutions, the platform enabled program participants to learn and develop in an extremely engaging and interactive way, pushing the boundaries of traditional educational methods.


Adaptation to the dynamic lifestyle of Leaders

Microlearning materials respond to the needs of leaders who are looking for flexible forms of development in the fast pace of professional life. Short, knowledge- or skill-focused information units, such as videos, infographics, quizzes, or interactive tasks, allow learning anywhere, anytime. As a result, even in the busiest schedule, leaders can effectively develop their competencies.