ING Bank project ‘Fast track to CX passion’



For ING Bank, we carried out an extremely interesting, orchestrated, hybrid project for more than a year. Its goal was to build awareness and knowledge among the Bank’s leaders regarding Customer Experience Management.


The aim of the project was to build a culture focused on the customer experience.


The online platform was a key element of the entire project. In the Train to CX storyline, we prepared a 12-month journey on an extraordinary train.

Project 'm on the fast track to CX passion'

Project meritocracy, i.e. what themes did we develop among ING Bank's CX leaders?

  • What is Customer Experience Management?
  • How do you build a team of people united around the idea of building engagement?
  • CX best practices from the world (not just finance)
  • A typical working day and habits of a CX leader in a bank
  • Service model as a CX framework
  • How do you ensure a consistent and repeatable customer experience across every bank branch?

The project included

  • An advanced gamification platform with dedicated microlearning content, social interaction activities for knowledge sharing among project participants
  • Series of workshops, offline and online meetings
  • Support our client in building a service culture focused on the highest quality experience

Social interaction mechanisms in a gamification platform

  • Storyline, points, rankings and progress bar were the basis for building engagement.
  • In gamification, we used a number of mechanisms to build social interaction: discussions under tasks, sharing of ideas, uploading materials to serve the leadership community.
  • The online project had extremely high engagement – 100% of players!

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