Questions and features

Questions and features


What is the advantage of this solution over other e-learning platforms?

The platform, through gamification supported by storytelling, builds engagement for development. It is a solution from the world of learning experience. Learning, exploring new content is immersive and therefore very effective.

How long has the company been in business?

We have been implementing gamification for our clients for more than 8 years, and for the past 4 years we have been expanding the application with artificial intelligence mechanisms through research & development.

What business processes do The Gamehill customers gamify most often?

Gamification through The Gamehill platform accompanies all development processes throughout the employee’s path. From employer branding, to preonboarding, to recruiting. Great for onboarding, our clients use it to develop sales forces, leaders. An interesting implementation is the implementation of company values, procedures and knowledge building.

Is the platform’s storyline customizable?

Yes! Our case studies show a tailor-made storyline for many implementations, at the same time our clients often use ready-made worlds. These include: a journey across 7 continents, a spy mission across European capitals, building a city, conquering space. A tailor-made story can be told in an existing world!

For how many end users is the solution?

We have elite deployments for groups of 10 or more. Typically, however, these are groups of 100 to several thousand users.

Does the platform have a different version for mobile versus desktop devices?

The platform is built using RWD or responsible web design technology. That is, it has a separate interface for mobile devices. It is accessible from any web browser. This allows the user to continue development by moving between devices.

How many implementations for business do you already have?

Gamehill has a portfolio of more than 50 implementations for leading companies. Every day the platform is used and the development team takes care of its syste

What is a player’s path?

It is an adventure arranged from microlearning tasks, in which the player simultaneously moves around the game map and solves tasks. In this way he develops, acquires new knowledge – by playing. Tasks can be accessed linearly, which is typical for an adventure game. They can also be available non-linearly, that is, all at once or a group of tasks at a time, depending on the business needs of clients.

What options does the platform administrator have?

The administrator’s panel is the heart of the platform, where he can perform the main areas: check engagement, build new tasks, integrate tasks with external sources, build a game path, manage users and their roles, communicate with players. It can also run special gamification functions, such as challenges, social interaction tasks or timed tasks. In other words: it can do anything!

What are the main elements of the administrator panel?

The main modules are: engagement analysis, authoring tools modules, adding tasks on the track and scheduling them, communication management, rankings analysis and player satisfaction!

Who is the solution for?

It is aimed at those customers who want to consciously build a learning ecosystem. That is, a set of online development tools that are both effective and engaging. For example, if a client wants to build an effective deployment process, they can use this tool to gamify onboarding.

For which industries is this solution?

Our customers come from every industry. We have successful implementations in banking and finance, energy companies, consulting, retail, manufacturing and service companies.

Where do the materials in the platform come from?

There are three main sources of content, or platform development content. You can use a ready-made content library that develops 16 business soft skills. The client can use its own materials or integrate them into its LMS platform. It can also create tasks in the panel itself.

How can a panel administrator integrate content with external sources?

The platform is integrated with leading e-learning content providers, meaning you only need to create an assignment, such as a video or SCORM course, in the admin panel. And use the link to the integration – then the task is immediately visible and ready to be placed on the player’s track!

Why is microlearning used in the platform?

Microlearning is the creation of e-learning tasks that takes into account the preferences of today’s busy user and is ready to be consumed in a few to several minutes. That’s why it’s effective, and we arrange micro portions of knowledge in gamification into sequences of tasks. Microlearning is in line with the latest knowledge about learning and memorization.

What are the statistics of the platform when it comes to engagement and satisfaction?

Commitment is our absolute priority. We measure a lot of things on the platform, and the administrator on the main dashboard screen has data on engagement at the start (how many people have joined) and on retention (how many people have completed 70% of the available tasks). We also measure satisfaction after each mission as well as collect ratings about each microlearning task!

What types of materials can be built through the admin panel via the authoring tools module?

The administrator can create numerous types of tasks on his own, that is, tasks with content, story tasks, tests of various types, surveys and exams. He can build advanced branch simulations himself. He can create quizzes and puzzles. He can also build social interaction type tasks.

What type of social interaction activities does the platform offer?

These are tasks in which the player is invited to share an opinion or idea. He can upload a photo, which as a gallery wall is visible to the public. He can participate in a challenge. Each task can be completed in tandem with a mentor or boss. A discussion can be launched under each task.

What game mechanics are available for use on the platform?

We have more than 25 mechanisms from the world of games! In addition to points, achievements and rankings, there are, for example: missions and challenges, of course, storytelling, guidebook, easter egg tasks, perseverance bonuses, timed tasks, voluntary tasks additionally scored, bonuses for referring another player, group rankings. And much more!

What does the personalized learning algorithm used in the platform provide?

The personalization mechanism supports both the admin and the player in building an individual game path. It analyzes answers in tests, but not only! For each answer, it asks about the level of certainty. Building a learning performance indicator, it suggests in the Intelligent Repetition Module specific tasks that the AI thinks are worth repeating, different for each player, of course. In knowledge tests, the administrator adds adaptive feedback, which helps to understand the material even better and learn from mistakes.

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