Revolution in compliance training!

Revolution in compliance training! We were faced with the challenge of creating an unconventional educational project for one of our key clients – a national company whose main business areas are numbers games, cash lotteries and betting. The project was designed to teach employees about compliance and ethics, but in a much more engaging way […]

Demant Values – Modern implementation of values!

Modern implementation of value! Demant, a global leader in the hearing prototyping industry with more than a century of history, regularly adapts to rapidly changing market conditions through transformation and restructuring processes. The latest change, involving the integration of the Polish branch into the company’s global structure, entailed not only a name change, but also […]

Skanska ‘Safety Week’

International gamification on safety culture. The project aimed to educate and spread a culture of safety among Skanska employees as well as subcontractors, tenants and potential clients. The client decided on the online form of this project because it was an educational and engaging element during a difficult time of pandemic. It was necessary to […]