VGL Adventure! Knowledge through a gamification platform

LEADERSHIP / Przywództwo i zarządzanie

WHAT CHALLENGES DID WE HAVE? What was the goal of the VGL Adventure project?

VGL GROUP is growing rapidly and has a dispersed geographic structure. Therefore, it also has challenges. One of them: how to reach all employees of the organization with uniform implementation and, above all, development training? The logistics industry is characterized by a dynamic work mode. As a result, it very often affects the ability of employees to carve out enough time and their participation in training.

Gamification platform - VGL


The “VGL ADVENTURE” gamification platform is a solution for reaching all employees of an organization, even more so when they are dispersed across the country. Through it, we provide consistent knowledge regardless of the location of work. Through the platform, we provide regular access to implementation and development materials at a time and place convenient for employees.

In conclusion, at the annual Christmas party at VGL GROUP, the fabulous QUEST was successfully completed. Paul’s quest, on which the journey through Europe was based, came to an end. One of the employees took on the role of Paul and handed out prizes to the most committed participants in the project.

The end of the journey?

The end of the journey was met with sadness among employees and a sense of emptiness after a very intensive year of online training, and expectations that there was something more to discover reached a fever pitch. The result of such a high level of enthusiasm among employees towards VGL ADVENTURE is the second season of struggle, which allowed to further consolidate product knowledge and, of course, develop soft skills of all employees of the organization. This time we took employees on the trail of a journey across seven continents, during which they discovered the world’s most famous buildings. A postcard from this trip is coming soon!