UDT Leader – Innovative development of managerial competence


About the project

The Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) took on the challenge of developing the managerial competencies of its executives, choosing a unique combination of online development through the LeadVenture platform and intensive Espresso Session workshops. The goal of the project was to exploit the synergy between dynamic game-based learning and practical knowledge consolidation in the form of workshops. In addition, the LeadVenture project offered a flexible approach to learning, adapting to the individual needs of participants and their intensive work schedules. The advanced analytical tools used by LeadVenture enable the monitoring of progress and adaptation of the program to the changing requirements of the market, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the training.

Gamification with LeadVenture

LeadVenture, as a gamification platform, served as an innovative tool for learning and developing key managerial competencies. Through engaging and interactive tasks, project participants gained knowledge in areas such as

  • leadership,
  • team management,
  • giving feedback,
  • motivating,
  • conflict management
  • business communication.

Gamification has made it possible to acquire knowledge in an accessible and motivating way, which is essential for learning in a rapidly changing business world.

Espresso Session – Recognition and practice of managerial competencies

The Espresso Session workshop was an ideal complement to the knowledge gained at LeadVenture. Focused on the practical application of theory, this workshop allowed participants to consolidate and apply the knowledge gained in real business scenarios. As a result, participants were able to not only better understand the theory, but more importantly, learn how to effectively apply the new skills in their daily work.

Innovation of combining Microlearning and Workshops

A key element of the project's success was the combination of microlearning and workshops. Microlearning, or learning in small portions, is ideal for busy professionals because it allows learning in short bursts, which is more accessible and less taxing. Espresso Session workshops, on the other hand, allowed for a deeper understanding and practical application of knowledge, which is essential for full competence development.

The "UDT Leader" project at the Office of Technical Inspection is an excellent example of the effective use of modern educational methods in the development of managerial competence. The combination of LeadVenture gamification and Espresso Session workshops, proved to be an effective way of development. The innovative approach to learning, which combines theory with practice, is a valuable model to follow in future development projects.

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