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Gamification platform in onboarding for RELAY, INMEDIO, SO!COFFE stores!

Tour De Lagardere: what were our goals and challenges in the onboarding gamification project?

Lagardere’s two seasons of gamification journey in Europe was a comprehensive gamification project for the implementation of new employees. At the same time, it was also available as a knowledge base for current salespeople.

Tour De Lagardere is an implementation for the Retail industry. The LTR Group brings together franchisees; the affiant is responsible for employee development. The goal of the project was to:

  • Impart product knowledge through microlearning e-learning content,
  • Transfer of knowledge about processes in RELAY, INMEDIO stores,
  • Launching a rewards cafeteria.

The gamification platform is a solution that allowed to maintain commitment to development. The platform was designed to implement Customer Service Standards. Our goal was also to reduce turnover among store employees. In particular, we focused on increasing product knowledge and improving employee satisfaction. All of the activities resulted in a significant increase in sales at Lagardere.

What did we do together with the client in the onboarding gamification project?

More than 2,000 participants took part in these two editions of the joint Lagardere journey. The gamification platform included:

  • e-books,
  • tests,
  • videos and animations,
  • quizzes.

The project was divided into two dedicated development paths for two target groups: employees specializing in product sales (INMEDIO) and employees of coffee shop chains (SO!Coffe)

It was available to users for more than 16 months. The storyline was one of the most important implementations on the platform, so it was engaging for a long time. Traveling participants explored tasks and traveled through the newly discovered countries of Europe. We did this to satisfy the corporate and individual need for knowledge. The most interesting innovative element was the introduction of the League, which was new to the platform and served as a sales competition that was 100% integrated into the platform’s operation, in such a way that the users’ effort in participating was kept to a minimum.

Gamification Platform: the Key to Success in Education.

We surveyed 178 people who had the opportunity to use our platform. The results were impressive! The average rating of the platform, the attractiveness of the storyline, the evaluation of the content and its features was more than 4 out of 5 points. This proves that our gamification platform meets the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Gamification is not only fun, but above all an effective educational tool. It makes learning more engaging and effective. In addition, the way information is presented, such as quizzes, puzzles or videos, make the material more accessible and interesting to absorb.

As many as 97.5% of respondents want to participate in the next edition of the project. This undoubtedly proves that our gamification platform fulfills its purpose and is eagerly chosen by users. In addition, the NPS (Net Promoter Score) was +64%, proving the high quality and effectiveness of our platform.

The gamification platform is the future of education. It makes learning more engaging and learning materials are absorbed in an effective way. If you are looking for a modern solution for your company or educational institution, bet on gamification!

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