Totalizator Sportowy – A revolution in compliance education!


About the project

We faced the challenge of creating an unconventional educational project for one of our key clients - Totalizator Sportowy. The project was designed to teach employees about compliance and ethics, but in a much more engaging way than traditional training methods. The client, already having our platform used for onboarding, expressed the need to expand it with a new interactive educational "game."

The expectations were clear!

Close collaboration and continuous communication in the creative process

Understanding the importance of close collaboration with the client and constant communication in the creative process, we committed to holding weekly meetings with the Totalizator Sportowy team. These regular meeting slots allowed us to discuss progress on an ongoing basis, adjust the project to meet changing expectations and ensure that every aspect of the project was thoroughly taken care of.

With this approach, we were able to shape the project together to meet even the most detailed requirements of the client.




Journey through the Land of Compliance

In response to expectations, we proposed a storyline called “Journey through the Land of Compliance“, the main plot of the game focused on Mr. Compliance’s adventures in the Land of Compliance, exploring the secrets of compliance by traversing continents such as the Moving Sands of Recipes and the Castle of Values.

Interactivity and player engagement was achieved through diverse tasks, including videos, quizzes and interactive knowledge pills, integrated into the project’s storyline. Through the use of AI technology, it was possible to create beautiful and graphically consistent images that further enhanced the visual side of the game.

Achievements gained

During the course, participants were able to earn achievements for each mission they completed. Each achievement represented specific skills and knowledge of complex compliance issues.

  • Master of the law
  • Guardian of procedures
  • Spirit of ethics
  • Guardian of contracts
  • Great Judge

Participant Voices: Player reviews!