SKANSKA Safety Week

Skanska Safety Week – an international gamification on safety culture. What were the client’s challenges and needs?

Programme objective:

Skanska had a need for a game that was part of their annual “Safety Week” educational campaign in the difficult situation we all found ourselves in.


It was intended to educate and spread a culture of safety among Skanska employees, as well as subcontractors, tenants and potential clients. The client decided on the online form of this project because it was an educational and engaging element during a difficult time of pandemonium. It was necessary to significantly reduce contact between employees – immersive online gamification proved to be the best choice.

Programme course:

Skanska wanted to guide nearly 500 employees through the key issues of Safety Week in a remote, yet modern and effective way. Gamehill gamification, which includes a building construction storyline that is consistent with Skanska’s business, came to the rescue. The result was Gamehill International.

The topic of safety at Skanska is one of the most important issues. The company cares a lot about its values, and one of them is Concern for Life.

Therefore, during the project, participants visit 5 sites – 5 authentic Skanska locations, competing for the title of Safety Culture Leader.

The project was aimed at office and construction workers, from 4 different countries – so we worked only in English.

Implementation of the International Safety Week gamification project at Skanska
We embedded the client's materials on a gamified online platform. To complete the mission at each location, participants had to read the safety materials and correctly answer quizzes. Employees also shared photos showing how they take care of safety and ergonomics on a daily basis. Rewards were also an important element - embedded materials and solving online tasks allowed participants to earn points, who then tracked their actions in a ranking and exchanged the points for prizes on an ongoing basis.

What was also important for the client was the Admin Panel, which enabled the generation of reliable reports on progress and test results for each participant and collectively.

Participants also had access to the rewards they earned for solving tasks and earning points.

All the tasks solved and points earned positioned the players in the ranking and further motivated them!