ORLEN – gamification of knowledge about project management and innovation

Projekty celowe

Gamification of project management knowledge and innovation.

The OFFshore GAME gamification was a project aimed at several hundred PKN ORLEN specialists, where the storyline and game mechanics helped develop competencies: INNOVATION AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT

All set in the context of a new strategy - players through their tasks on the platform build wind farms in the Baltic Sea.


Ważny temat i nieszablonowa forma rozwoju: grywalizacja. Fabuła szyta na miarę. Co pisze sam Klient:

Together with Gamehill - Gamified Learning Platform, we have prepared a gamification platform OFFSHORE GAME. Employees, during the 6-week gamification, will complete development tasks in two paths: innovation and project work


We are developing business as a Concern, increasing employees' understanding of business, strengthening innovation and project management competencies. W tym celu wykorzystujemy w szkoleniach współpracę ze startupami, technologie i platformy grywalizacyjne. We combine the value of engagement with the priorities of the strategy, writes Margaret Niemiec, Expert in the Innovation Office

Gamification for ORLEN - platform features

  • dedicated storyline: construction of wind farms in those specific areas of the Baltic Sea that will ultimately be the place of green energy generation
  • microlearning content: infographics, elearning, quizzes, ebooks, animations. Each of the materials was content-prepared by the client, then created by Westhill’s content specialists in the production phase.
  • Development content from the finished Development Library
  • ACHIEVEMENTS, i.e. competencies broken down into groups, to which we matched each knowledge pill
  • ranking, points, a progress bar showing overall progress in the adventure
  • and everything was managed by a guide with the charming name of Orlena 😉

Adaptive learning in ORLEN gamification project

The solution had elements of Adaptive Learning i.e. it adapted the content to specific users. The system analyzed the knowledge acquisition progress of each player individually, then reminded them of selected areas in the form of Intelligent Repetition Modules.

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