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Onboading gamification - Alior Bank

The onbarding process is divided in the bank into onsite - introductory training and online activities that last 3 months.

Each month, each new group, after undergoing a hybrid training cycle, begins a feature journey in search of. The Complete Banker Rule. Each week each implementation group has a new task - a mission. The plot is an adventure - a journey through European capitals, mysterious encounters, puzzles scattered in sites famous throughout Europe. Each site hides tasks - and the journey is immersive and engaging

Scope of knowledge expected for the position

The knowledge categories, grouped on the platform as achievements, cover all the knowledge expected in this position, among others:

  • HR principles / benefits
  • system solutions / program tutorials
  • security rules / customer identification
  • customer service standards
  • sales standards
  • products

Odboarding in the form of a game - content

The plot is to travel across Europe to collect all the scattered bits of knowledge. The goal: to become a Complete Banker, the grand finale after a 3-month journey is structured, effectively administered knowledge. We use microlearning tasks such as:

  • animations
  • e-books
  • infographics
  • simulations
  • tests with Intelligent Repetition Module – the platform is supported by Adaptive Learning
  • integration with in-bank knowledge system

What gamification mechanisms do we use?

Each participant takes part in an online game in which building an ongoing commitment to development is key. Therefore, we use the following mechanisms from the world of games:

  • two-level game
  • points
  • progress bars (main and per mission)
  • easter egg
  • rankings
  • statistics, including the Learning
  • Effectiveness Index
  • storyline, missions, guide

Statistics from
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