Mostostal TALENT PROGRAM City of Development


Mostostal TALENT PROGRAM what were its goals?

We worked with a group of 45 people selected by the organization, with the highest potential. These are representatives of engineers, managers and HighPotencials from all divisions of Mostostal Warsaw. The cycle of development activities was planned for 9 months. One of the reasons for introducing the MOSTOSTAL Talent Program project to the organization was primarily the need to take care of succession. The City of Development was created to prepare participants for key roles in the organization and because of the desire to acquire uniform managerial competencies.

Mostostal TALENT PROGRAM step by step:

We took the participants of the City of Development project on an extraordinary journey across, of course, all continents to build 7 architectural wonders of the world.

They achieved this because they faced interesting development challenges posed to them on a gamification platform.

The online story-driven development was a great complement to the training activities.

During the project, participants took part in on-site training sessions on:

– organization and planning

– team communication

– public speaking

– negotiations

Through reinforcement activities, such as coaching sessions and regular work with a coach on the individual development of participants, the project provides a comprehensive increase in managerial competence. As a result, the participants’ skills have increased.

Successes and results

Following the success of the previous two seasons, we have expanded the group of managers and engineers to include HI-PO employees from all divisions of the organization.

The participants of the previous seasons, according to the project, are performing the roles for which they were prepared. See HERE for an interview with the client.

How was the training and the whole project according to the participants?


The training was conducted in a professional manner. The examples and analogies used during the training met my expectations 100%.


Conducted training in my opinion was interesting, but quite time-consuming in relation to the content provided. There was a lack of industry-specific knowledge such as negotiating or more practical examples. I will certainly remember best the team games and lessons learned from them. The most valuable for me was the training on time organization, the least on communication (repetitive content).


The training allowed me to get to know myself, my strengths, it is an indication of how to use the techniques in combination with my talents to work, achieve my goals and grow professionally.