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Master Mechanic is a consistent, gamified development form for mechanics and owners in affiliated INTER CARS workshops. Finalist in the EB Stars competition in the Best DIGITAL Activities category. Our first Employer Branding project and immediate success, which was so great that we did two editions of the program! Activities fully gamified through www.mastermechanik.pl. Westhill partnered with the concept, gamification and communication and support to connect with several hundred users of this dynamic 4-month project.

Gamification platform - Master Mechanic


INTER CARS is a leader in the auto parts sales industry. Our client is obviously keen to build its image as an expert company, sharing its knowledge and, above all, committed to the development of the market of independent workshop services in Poland.
They are developing mechanics and thus increasing the efficiency of workshops and, of course, promoting the Inter Cars brand at the same time. In order to take care of this and effectively reach a large group of workshops, we created together the MASTER MECHANIK project.

Every owner of a workshop wants to increase his turnover and dreams of having customers come back to him. How to achieve this? First of all, it is important to have a very high level of expert knowledge of mechanics who are employed in the workshop and directly serve customers. Just how to quickly increase the knowledge of employees and motivate them to learn?


The solution turned out to be a role-playing competency game Master Mechanic in the atmosphere of the legendary Route 66. The journey from east to west in a red mustang is a recognizable theme for every guy – and not only! We invited cooperating workshops to take part in this project. Inter Cars is a company that develops employees, supports affiliated workshops and shares knowledge. Because of this, we have included more than 1,000 workshops and about 700 mechanics in this project, increasing their efficiency.


Master Mechanic gives educational content in a very attractive way. All activities are carried out online on the platform. Thanks to gamification features: progress bar, community counter, gamification storyline – learning absolutely draws the participant in. Thanks to gamification, we kept the activity and attention of future Master Mechanics for weeks and months.


In each state, the mechanic found 4 buildings, which he “entered” – each of which revealed portions of knowledge and inspiration. Each task is a chance for points – miles of knowledge. And additional points meant a higher ranking and a chance for the title of MASTER MECHANIC. There was also a hidden test in some of the buildings, on the basis of which a mechanic’s competence was evaluated. Each answer they gave in the game mattered. The more correct answers a mechanic gave, the higher he was ranked! The more e-books he read, the more he became even more involved in the game and the more knowledge miles he gained


How did we reach such a large and dispersed group of people? Each of the workshop owners informed their employees (mechanics) about the project and the new opportunity to quickly and effectively acquire technical knowledge. Therefore, we used press communications, animated videos, posters and flyers to reach the target group. The goal was for mechanics to log on to the platform and visit the first state – Illinois, thus starting the process of competency assessment and at the same time accepting the advisory role and co-creation of the workshop’s success by Inter Cars.

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We were looking for a clear motif, consistent with the client’s industry and representing the client’s values of entrepreneurship, cooperation and commitment. That motif, of course, became the legendary Route 66, running in the US from east to west. A road that was traveled by pioneers and adventurers a century ago. Which, even today, is one of the attractions of each of the 8 states through which it runs. Thus, the legendary Route 66, along with the red mustang, became graphically and conceptually the guiding thread around which we built the entire message. It is also a symbol that fits perfectly with the industry and the theme of the Master Mechanic Program.


Another of the important communication elements was, first of all, the use of social networks, press, online media television and the potential of Inter Cars Sales Advisors, in order to communicate the key information from the point of view of the Workshop Owner. This game, game was a de facto diagnosis of the competence of the workshop’s mechanics! Inter Cars gives such a diagnosis of competence for free, as the market leader and the only company truly committed to the development of independent workshops in Poland. This also creates the perception of the Inter Cars Representative as an Advisor – a new communication and market advantage.
The response of more than 1,000 workshops enrolled in Master Mechanic testified that this formula was very well received.

For many years, the automotive repair shop market has been operating under conditions of competition between independent workshops and ASO workshops. The basis is the differentiation of service quality, based on both alleged and often actual competence differences.
Owners of independent workshops are well aware of this. At the same time, there is no comprehensive service to assess competence and improve the quality and scope of repairs.
Inter Cars, building its position, brand and market advantage, as one of the elements communicates support in the operation of our customer’s workshop and builds the image of a Business Advisor.


The aim of the Project was to build the image of Inter Cars as a company that supports the operation of independent garages, and through the Master Mechanic Program simultaneously allows you to assess competencies, plan development, while at the same time in a unique, tailor-made way gives prepared, reliable technical knowledge needed for the development of the workshop.
Transfer of information – We support the development of the workshop, our Representatives become Business Advisors and together we take care of the development of our Customers.



– A total of more than 1,000 garages from all over the country applied for the program
– Since July 16, 2017 Participants in a highly dispersed structure played, competing with each other’s knowledge and activity and work to improve technical knowledge
– After 2 weeks from the launch, the group of mechanics completed more than 5900 online tasks (videos, e-books, tests)
– Inter Cars brand is becoming more and more associated with partnership in workshop development