Leroy Merlin talent program – Leader of the Future


How to prepare learning well in the online world by hybridly combining e-learning with training, coaching, diagnostics?

Leroy Merlin periodically prepares a group of High Potentials (Talent) managers for a new role. It prepares for a new role, for the Future! And what is it? It's being a Leader who, of course, knows how to manage strategically and, above all, how to speak well in order to pass the vision on. Finally, it's the ability to adapt to the conditions around us, i.e., to thrive in the online world and find ourselves in change.

The main objective of the "Leader of the Future" project was primarily to prepare the selected Leaders with high potential to take on key strategic roles in the organization. For less than a year we worked actively with a group of 32 people. Our journey was divided into stages that complemented each other perfectly.

What are the goals of the Leroy Merlin Talent Program?

Leader of the Future is an elite development program that prepares participants for strategic positions in the organization.

It focused on the development of leadership and leadership competencies, in modules:

  • Extreme Leadership
  • Manager-Strategist
  • Storytelling
  • Team management
  • Building a Feedback culture
  • Theater of Improvisation
  • Managing change and conflict

Extreme leadership - an example of active workshops for future leaders

Extreme leadership is an unusual and valuable module. It was during this project that we introduced this innovative form of training in cooperation with Adrenaltika. Participants took part in emergency medical training. They operated in teams of several people. In each action, a leader was appointed to lead the group - this role was rotated. The group's task was to conduct rescue operations under the watchful eye of professional paramedics. Each task was followed by a discussion of the action in terms of cooperation and the role of the manager.

As a result, our Leaders had a powerful experience, different from what they had experienced at other trainings, which guaranteed high engagement. They also had the opportunity to test themselves as a leader, in a new area. Another plus was the strong feeling of being in the role of a team member (a tool of decentralization). Each participant experienced how an employee feels with different leadership styles: which actions integrate the team and increase its effectiveness, and which have a negative impact.

Gamification platform and diagnostics

Throughout the project, participants thrived on the gamified online platform GAMEHILL, where they faced leadership challenges as they traveled across 7 continents.

In addition, their development was supported by a series of 4 coaching sessions per Participant. In the project, the Leaders also met the Talent Reflect diagnostic survey and the Team Plus team survey. Both surveys were performed online.

Participants, divided into 7 teams, worked throughout the edition on projects that would realistically improve work at Leroy Merlin. They presented the results of their work to the sponsors and management during a gala to sum up the project.

Statistics from the
gamification platform

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