Inter Cars project ‘Drive’


Many companies describe themselves as operating in a changing business and under the pressure of the market. An automotive company is an excellent example. A single car has about 30 000 parts. There are different models of cars, each of them needs different parts. Market is divided by different suppliers… so you can imagine how abundant an offer of automotive company can be. The company’s structure is dispersed. The owner of the car parts store branch is a private entrepreneur (franchise system). He must see business sense and justification to enable the development of his employees, and himself, to take care of it and effectively reach the group of 250 managers and 2000 employees we have created the Development Highway – Route 66.


Each salesman should know 1 000 000 products. Let us add internal processes, promotions and special events. That is why onboarding takes approximately over a year. Your wage depends on your sales results and apart from your knowledge about the products you have to possess the sales skills to implement your sales goals.


Route 66, one of the most famous motorways in the World stretches from East to West coast of USA. Eight states represent eight missions. It takes you on one year adventure through online learning, mobile learning and classroom learning.

How Does It Work?

Managers are aware that huge amount of material can be difficult to learn. The situation requires constant reminding and consolidating of acquired skills, which generates next recurring costs. What is more, the traditional training form requires eight-hours of participation and the knowledge is conveyed in a static, stationary way – which isn’t very attractive for the participant.

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