ING Bank Customer Experience

ING Bank project: ‘Train for CX passion’ is a strategy for building exceptional customer experiences.

Programme objective:

For ING Bank, we carried out an extremely interesting, orchestrated, hybrid project for more than a year. Its goal was to build awareness and knowledge among the Bank’s leaders regarding Customer Experience Management.


The online platform was a key element of the entire project. In the Train to CX storyline, we prepared a 12-month journey on an extraordinary train. Check out the stats!

Programme course:

Social interaction mechanisms in the gamification platform:
storyline, points, rankings and progress bar were the basis for building engagement
in the gamification. We used many mechanisms to build social interaction: discussions under tasks, sharing ideas, uploading materials to serve the leadership community
online project had extremely high engagement – 100% of players!

Tailor-made content for the client
All the materials we used in the online game were “tailor-made”. We used the following formats, which were prepared by our company’s New Media specialists:

e-learning pills
videos with experts
interactive tasks (quizzes, puzzles)
tests / exams

What skills did we develop during ING Bank's CX project? There where:
What is customer experience management?
How to build a team of people united around the idea of building engagement?
CX best practices from the world (not just finance)
Master Mind sessions
A typical workday and habits of a CX leader in a bank
Service model as a CX framework
Moments of truth in CX
How to ensure a consistent and repeatable customer experience in every bank branch?

Timely tasks – inspiration every day
The goal of the project was to build a culture focused on customer experience. Gamification supported this process through tasks: inspirations every day. The mechanism is that every morning one person can choose a thought/inspiration to share with the online community.

What does its CEO say about the role of CX at the bank?

Customer Experience is one of the key elements of our business. For years we have focused on relationships and building positive experiences. We know that the value is in well-designed digital processes that enable us to fully interact with customers. Simplifying and digitizing processes allow us to read their needs better and better and current technology makes it easier to personalize their service. Thanks to this approach, we were able to operate efficiently and serve our customers safely in the past year.