Hybrid work model gamification move for mBank


How to encourage employees to return to the office? How to choose together with them the optimal working model for both parties? How to familiarize them with the structure of the new office?

The project team responsible for this project wanted to move a large part of the headquarters staff through an important change. This is a new way of working: we are moving from the previous several locations to one modern office!

It was important for them to familiarize employees with the rules of operation in a new, very modern and comfortable headquarters. At the same time, external circumstances: lockdown made a new goal arrive. How to communicate in a participatory way the new organizational culture and the new collaborative culture resulting from the hybrid work model?

These interesting challenges mBank realized through development gamification. The mBank Tower project combines a game set in the real “interiors” of the company’s new headquarters with modern e-learning.

Gamification platform - mBank

We used an innovative solution: the LXP gamification platform with a dedicated storyline: real images of the mBank Tower – a modern office building in Warsaw. The project was implemented before employees could even realistically “go to work” in the new building. It was on these photos that we built the entire storyline of the platform.

Employees worked remotely and distributed – gamification proved to be the best way to get their attention.

In addition, the journey from the first floor to the top floor is a lot of knowledge transferred to the players, divided into categories / competencies:

  • remotely, or how? Efficiency in remote work
  • What does the new office bring? What does it have “inside”, what new opportunities does it bring?
  • principles of hybrid work
  • effective meetings
  • structure of the new office, what’s where – see it before you come!

Types of microlearning training materials:

The content for the project was “tailor-made” materials. They were made by e-learning specialists Gamehill.

Players during their journey received portions of knowledge given in the form of:

  • 6 infographics
  • 12 e-books
  • 8 knowledge tests
  • 1 “match the cards” quiz
  • 7 expert videos
  • 4 interactive tasks of the type “enter text / add your opinion”
  • 2 interactive tasks of the “upload a photo” type, showing, for example, how you work remotely (these tasks were supported by features from Social Media, like liking / commenting)
  • 2 “external link” tasks, directing to resources integrated into the platform

An interesting feature was the interaction tasks: enter your own idea! Thanks to this, we collected hundreds of competitive, socially generated ideas and concepts.

Gamification was well received by mBank employees

Each task, as well as all 6 missions – hybrid work competencies – were evaluated by players:

Each task, as well as all 6 missions - hybrid work competencies - were evaluated by players: