GPW gamification Journey of inspiration


GPW gamification: the purpose of the project

The aim of the project was primarily to integrate employees and impart knowledge about the new regulations (MIFID II). The project included 2 seasons of integration and development activities for all WSE employees, in various positions and seniority. Integration wise of course - through gamification.

Gamification platform - GWP

What did the project look like?

Workers had a platform with an adventure storyline, In the first season it is worth noting the dynamics of the project. From the moment of decision to the first player on the platform, it took only 10 days. This was due to the ready-made content library, as well as the graphics and storyline used by the players.

The client used gamification to developmentally enhance the pre-Christmas period. The storyline was also kept in a snowy climate. We implemented a short but very intense gamification based on the storyline of a winter trip to the Austrian Alps for Christmas.
The project was so well received and highly engaged that participants

Tasks also included knowledge of the company, its structure and products. We reacted quickly to current changes and needs. We created dedicated content after regulations, i.e. RODO, or information security.
An interesting feature was the time-limited tasks, which consisted of choosing an inspirational quote, once a day – available only to the first person.
Another interesting thing we did was a mini-simulation depicting the new spatial structure of the company, after the move. It helped to find the right person and learn about their new tasks.

Summary of the GPW gamification project

In conclusion - we are the first training and gamification company on the Stock Exchange! We are proud to present a very high and sustained engagement of participants and players. We have reached a commitment of 50%, including Board Members