Gamification of onboarding – case study PKP


Gamification of onboarding at PKP

The goal of the project was to effectively integrate new employees into the organization through an engaging and rationalized onboarding process. Through it, PKP wanted to give the process a knowledge consistency and gain organizational agility in the implementation of newly hired members of the company.

A randomized platform through which we made tasks available. We transferred some of the activities that had previously been carried out in the offline sphere to an online platform that enabled efficient distribution of implementation materials and easy access to them for newly hired employees.

Implementation of onboarding gamification project

Tasks conveyed in an attractive, multimedia and short form, arranged in a specific player's path and set in an interesting plot of a journey through modernized railroad stations in Poland.

For completing each task, the participant earned points that allowed them to climb the ranking and currency that entitled them to purchase prizes in the store. With these interesting mechanisms, we increased participant involvement and reinforced the positive impression of the entire process.

Organize, gather the knowledge and skills needed to be acquired by a new employee in an easily accessible place for them. Tasks were grouped into specific subject areas.

This is a process of introducing a newly hired employee to PKP S.A., including the transfer of general knowledge, the company's structure, company operations, safety, opportunities for development in the company, benefits offered and internal systems. Employees had access to the on-boarding platform at any time and place.

We provided full statistics on the participants' activities and their activities.

What, among other things, did the participants learn?

  • History of PKP S.A.
  • Structure of PKP S.A.
  • Activities of PKP S.A.
  • Safety.
  • Development at PKP S.A.
  • Benefits for employees.
  • Internal systems.
  • Functioning within the company.

After completing the project on our side, we handed over the gamification platform to the client, who now manages it internally himself. Before that, we conducted adequate training for PKP S.A., preparing them for it.

Ripped onboarding for PKP - summary

The storyline in the project was inspired by a journey through railway stations scattered across Poland. The participant on the first day of his work embarked on a journey into the unknown, in search of a lost painting.

We divided the gamification into stages, giving the participant freedom in the pace of completing the tasks. The most thirsty for knowledge were able to finish the adventure in one day!

For the visualization of the platform, we used photos of train stations on which we applied a cartoon filter, so we got the effect of reality and the look characteristic of the games.

Gamification - user reviews:

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