Gamification for KRD sales managers

LEADERSHIP / Przywództwo i zarządzanie

How to develop the leadership skills of sales managers?

Our client, the National Debt Register, used a gamification platform as a follow-up to a leadership training project. After the on-site training sessions were completed, the entire group was invited to a role-playing gamification in a spy atmosphere.

We develop competencies together:

  • Leadership
  • Manager coach
  • Feedback
  • Communication
  • Team management
  • Selling
  • Motivating
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Storytelling and public speaking
Check out the communication video that introduces participants to the storyline and concepts of the project 👉.

What's in the safe and ... how to open it?

In each mission, in addition to the development tasks, there is one special task with a code digit. In the grand finale, any committed and consistent player will open the safe?

We used the LeadVenture game to prepare this gamification efficiently and effectively

  • Our client chose a ready-made storyline
  • He selected specific competencies from those available in the Gamehill Development Library
  • As a result, we kept our promise and from decision to launch the platform was ready in 7 days!

Where does the client get the microlearning development content to develop these competencies?

100% of materials are ready-made, existing knowledge pills / e-learning courses / videos / animations / ebooks and tests (supported by AI), available in the Development Content Library

With both the storyline and content already in place, we completed the project in 30 DAYS from decision to launch for users!

Statistics from
the gamification platform!

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