Demant Values – Modern implementation of values!

Modern implementation of value!

Demant, a global leader in the hearing prototyping industry with more than a century of history, regularly adapts to rapidly changing market conditions through transformation and restructuring processes. The latest change, involving the integration of the Polish branch into the company's global structure, entailed not only a name change, but also the need to unify corporate values among employees. In this context, a key challenge for Demant was to ensure that all employees share the same core values and understand the company's mission.

Why has Gamehill's gamification platform proven to be a great solution?

Innovative approach to learning and interaction - Mechanisms known from games, such as points, rankings, microlearning task formats made learning more attractive and increased user engagement.

Mobile accessibility - The vast majority of users accessed the platform via mobile devices, highlighting its alignment with modern accessibility and flexibility standards.

Personalizing the experience - The platform's interiors and storyline have been designed to reflect actual working conditions at Demant, lending realism to the overall experience.

Interactivity - The platform offers a variety of interactive tasks, such as uploading photos or videos, which participants can evaluate by voting for the best proposals that illustrate values.

The implementation of the platform focused on four main values

After four key missions and several weeks of intensive implementation, we are confident that the players have managed to understand and fully embrace the updated corporate values. Well-understood values are the foundation not only for operational efficiency, but also for sustainable development. Through our platform, participants were able to learn about the following values:

We care about mutual trust

We focus on teamwork

We create innovative solutions

We always give advice

Interactive challenges to reinforce values in Demant!

Each of Demant's corporate values inspired an interactive task that encouraged employees to present their own interpretations through photography. This challenge allowed the team to creatively express their beliefs, demonstrating how these values are present in their daily work.

With the opportunity to share photos that illustrate personal experiences related to each value, the initiative not only facilitated a deeper learning of key principles, but also strengthened bonds between employees, giving them the opportunity to appreciate the diversity of perspectives.