Case study Grecos Gamification of Grecos Adventure sales


Grecos Adventure - gamification and adventure for agents in the sales network.


Tour operator Grecos has set its sights on gamification with Westhill, a program designed specifically for travel agents with whom Grecos works. The project addressed the area of: Gamification of sales.
Gamification is, on the one hand, an additional motivation for partners, on the other – an opportunity to attractively showcase the tour operator’s offer and test their knowledge of it.
The goal was to get agents more involved, introduce an interesting new formula – and ultimately increase sales.

The project was very successful. So much so that the client decided to hold as many as two editions!

The first edition took place in the storyline of a journey along the legendary route to the mythical Mount Olympus, while the second edition was a conquest of modern Greece.

This is how the communication of the second, consecutive edition of the gamification with Grecos Holiday looked like:

Course of action.

Employees of Grecos agents, faced adventure and 16 weekly tasks, under the theme “Around Greece in 100 days.”

Owners of more than 200 authorized and partner travel agencies decided to participate. Nearly 400 employees logged into the game and earned points by competing for participation in the Grecos Adventure – a trip to Greece. The trip abroad is the grand prize in the contest.

However, the agents treated the adventure as a development and a unique opportunity to integrate and improve their competence. Each week the project became more and more popular and there were more and more logged-in participants.

The gamification lasted about 100 days and every week a new challenge was given to the agents. Each of the 16 tasks, was another part of the adventure under the slogan “In 100 days around Greece.”

The tasks were incredibly varied and concerned knowledge of Greece and Grecos’ general offerings. Another portion of the tasks also concerned raising sales execution. Because of this, all the tasks required participants to be committed and creative.


As a wrap-up, we invite you to hear from Renata Ród and Paulina Sypuła, who gave their statements about the project to the WaszaTurystyka portal.

The spirit of competition combined with the information that customers ask for is the perfect mix for me. I like and know Greece very well, but sometimes something will surprise me from the questions on the map and inspire me to dig deeper. This then translates into a plus in conversations with clients. – Renata Ród from Connect-Travel’s Krakow office.

Creativity, knowledge of Grecos’ offerings and knowledge of Greece all count when completing the tasks of the Gamification. This year’s project is a journey on the trail of Greek islands, cities and undiscovered flavors. We want the user to spend at least a moment with us on the most beautiful beaches, dive into the blue sea and feel the warmth of the Greek sun on their skin. Conquering modern Greece, we want to show its true, fascinating and often surprising face. That is why we take care of the attractive formula of the project.

The task with which this year’s Gamification began was to match the highlighted attractions with the islands. The welcome message was “We take you to places that continuously delight travelers from all over the world!”

The second week was dedicated to Kos – “the land flowing with honey.” Grecos’ materials included information about, among other things, the popular bee breeding and honey production on Kos, but also about the honey festival celebrated in the town of Antimachia on August 24 called Γιορτή του μελιού (Giorti tou Meliou). The task was to submit a photo showing a tour of Greece or preparations for the trip.
The following week required a different kind of commitment. In addition to the picture puzzle, a bonus awaited in a sales contest – every confirmation of a reservation set up for a Greece my way or Athens my way tour was scored. – Paulina Sypuła, coordinator of the Training and Trade Marketing Team at Grecos.

The project has received much acclaim from the industry and has been covered in the press, see HERE!