Case study gamification Alior Bank Call Center department


Challenges: gamification at Alior Bank

Alior Bank has decided to carry out another amalgamated online project with us. Our client is meeting customers' expectations and undergoing a transformation into a financial-technology company. This is the bank's next step in building a modern, customized offering. What was key for Alior Bank this time? Educating contact center employees with soft knowledge and company procedures and processes. They wanted to take the Call Center to a new level!!! 🙂 This is another example of implementing gamification in banking.

What did the project look like for CC Bank?

We launched the project in June 2019 and completed it in February 2020.

We implemented it on a gamified platform, where new challenges for participants, appeared every week. They traveled around Europe, visiting different countries along the way, where tasks awaited them.

The tasks on the gamification platform are:

  • Speed and cleverness. Language of benefits.
  • Presentation of the offer. Presentation of the product.
  • Quality of customer service.
  • Analysis of customer needs.
  • Empathy – the language of the giraffe.
  • Modern solutions at Alior Bank.
  • Internal procedures and products.

The main training areas on the gamification platform of Alior Bank's CC employees, are:

  • Enriching skills in the subject of researching customer needs and the quality of customer service;
  • knowledge of credit products, foreign and domestic transfers;
  • The five stages of emotional intelligence;
  • Regulations on credit and debit cards;
    product presentation and benefit language;
  • parameters of the account and ways and rules for its closure;
  • the process of logging into online banking;
  • happy life according to the PERMA model;
  • difficult situations for the customer and complaints;
  • 5 rules of communication during negotiations;
  • conflict resolution, win-win model;

291 participants for doing tasks, earned points. The points made them rank adequately and won prizes, which further motivated them to continue 🙂 .

Alior Bank gamification summary in numbers