Case study Decathlon gamification Leadership Academy


Decathlon Leader Academy - what was the purpose of the project?

The gamification of the Leader Academy project was intended to support the client’s mission. For Decathlon Poland it is:

Make sport accessible to all.

This idea also guided our joint development project, for Decathlon Leaders.

The goal was to prepare the Leaders to be part of the Decathlon COMMUNITY, to impart knowledge about the company’s values – to prepare a group of employees for their new role, that of Decathlon Sports Leaders.

The Leaders were also to expand their knowledge of the company – its mission, vision and best practices.

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What did the project look like: gamification of the Leader Academy?

The answer to the needs was a gamified development platform within the Leader Academy project. We applied many mechanisms to build engagement – see the article about them HERE.

We combined a series of modern online tasks with a series of offline challenges – also on the store premises. The plot of the development adventure corresponded with Decathlon Poland’s mission – to make sports accessible to all. The elite project used the motivators of athletes – we highlight individual achievements, but also unite participants around a common charitable goal.

We started the project with communication.

The leaders were tasked with solving the mystery of a mysterious text message and an empty football field. The city, previously bustling with life, now stands empty – the City of Stillness.

On the platform, participants also received messages that helped them find their way in the development world and guided them through the project's storyline. It alluded to STORY, the mysterious mystery of the CITY WITHOUT A RUN. Feel for yourself:

Hi, do you recognize this estate? Of course you do! After all, this is where you grew up.

You came to your hometown after getting an enigmatic text message: I’m running away from here!!!, from your childhood friend Luke. You were united by a common passion – skateboarding. Something happened, something terrible. You feel it like when an injury thwarted your joint sports career.

Something is wrong here… It’s too quiet and too empty here. In the afternoons, the swings were perpetually busy. And the skate park where the life of this neighborhood was vibrant, which provided a place for meetings and friendships, looks abandoned….

You see three kids, probably 13-14 years old. You at that age tried to master Kickflipp, but they don’t seem to have any intention of even standing on a board.

Working at Decathlon has taught you that you need to take matters into your own hands… You want to find out what’s going on… You approach the first kid.


Task topics faced by the leaders included:

  • Decathlon Best Practices
  • Mission and vision
  • Company values
  • Business Model
  • Recruitment

Through the platform, participants also had the opportunity to sign up for on-site training.

Engagement on the platform was reinforced by the “Quote of the Day” feature. Each day, the first person to log into the development game was greeted with a message:

Congratulations! You are the first person to log on to the platform today. Choose one of the quotes and inspire others. Your choice will appear in the Quote of the Day tab, along with a note that it’s from you. In addition, you will also earn some points🙂