Case study ALIOR BANK Leadership Academy 3.0

LEADERSHIP / Przywództwo i zarządzanie


A charismatic leader, believing in the rightness of his ideas, plays not only the role of a leader, but also of a coach - a motivator who warms up his team to fight. Especially in the era of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, the role of the leader is important. All this has been crucial for ALIOR BANK, as its strategy is digital.

Gamification platform - Leader Academy 3.0

TWO LEADER MODELS - the goal of the project: from TRANSACTION to TRANSFORMATION.

Our client was aware that there are two types of leadership. Transactional leadership implies, so to speak, an arrangement between boss and employee. It is based on rewards and punishments for task performance. That is, the task – is not a goal, but an intermediate result in a 0:1- system, you can perform it either well or badly and receive a reward or punishment for it (e.g. a manager’s admonition).

This system is fraught with many inadequacies – it creates an atmosphere of distrust and arouses reluctance to share ideas – and it is well known that this type of relationship between employees and manager is not conducive to effective management. In opposition to transactional management is the transformational leadership model. Transformation – the premise of this idea is a change regarding the way we view work, the world and values. So that when transformed into a whole, they form a solid foundation for building team motivation.

These changes occur through the application of specific actions by the Transformation Leader. According to Bass, such a leader knows that taking an interest in the development of employees, knowing their needs, leads to creating a sense of community and increasing the level of trust in the group. The Transformation Leader is a master of communication and thus pulls others along with him..

Transformation Leader fits perfectly into the modern model of functioning of the management system inside the structures of the organization. More and more companies, wanting to meet the expectations of customers as much as possible, are introducing the digitization of their services.





Alior Bank, meeting the expectations of its customers, is undergoing a transformation into a financial-technology company. This is the bank’s next step in building a modern, non-standard offer.

Leader Academy 3.0, implemented jointly with Westhill Consulting, is an elite development project dedicated to Alior Bank branch managers. The aim of the project is to implement management in line with the Transformational Leader Model. The project is part of the Bank’s strategy: Digital Rebel.

“The decision to work with Westhill Consulting was determined by mutual understanding and customized, personalized work tools – I felt it was something that was dedicated specifically to us” .

Pawel Bendor, Manager of the Training and Employee Development Team






More than 200 people took part in the ALIOR BANK Leadership Academy project. We planned the activities for 18 months. During this period, participants, not only take part in three training modules such as:

  • “Boss’s Expose”
  • “Feedback”
  • “Engaging participants during meetings”

but also perform additional tasks. One such survey is TeamPlus, which helps you check the effectiveness of your team. The survey diagnoses the quality of teamwork assessed by all team members.

Participants also had coaching conversations with coaches, so they know how to build a team based on P.Lencioni’s concept. Pawel Bendor stressed that this survey of team effectiveness, turned out to be exactly what they expected from a smoothly conducted feedback.


Throughout the project, participants are accompanied by a Gamification Platform. Logging in through the website, they travel around Europe, having adventures and gaining valuable knowledge. Every day they solve interactive tasks, watch knowledge pills and pass MICRO tests.

For all their actions, they earn virtuous currency that they can exchange for rewards. In each country, they discover a piece of the access code to earn the Transformation Leader Artifact in the finale.

One of the most interesting elements of the project, was the competency game. Through the use of gamification mechanisms, participants had the opportunity to test their knowledge of the competencies included in the leadership model. Then they had discussions with a coach and planned individual development goals in specific areas.

This approach is a modern alternative to the classic Development Center.




The project is very popular, we have reached a commitment of up to 98%!

On average, one user stayed on the platform for 22 hours, which means that he must have absorbed a huge amount of knowledge along the way, and it was a pleasure to learn. Also, so far, the number of points possible for one participant is 66375, and the average number of points earned by one participant is 61252. All this shows that this form of becoming a Digital Rebel and Transformational Leader is a good way to make a difference.

What were the results of the project?

Finally, selected opinions of project participants:

Well prepared, clear communication of information. The presenter Philip cooperating with the group all the time. Time well spent.

Very good and practical training. The presenter drew the whole group into active participation in an interesting and interesting way.

Interesting way of conducting training, involving all participants at the same time. Interesting selection of materials and tools used during the training.

Training very useful in daily work of a leader. Supporting personal development.

Training prepared, cooperation of the leader with the group.

Very nice training, allowing to identify defects in the team and helping to eliminate them. I recommend

I rate the training very highly, the presenter was heavily involved. The whole training conducted in a very active way for the team.

Leader 3.0 organizes the knowledge of working with the team. Gives great inspiration to change attitude, change yourself and the team.