Bank Millennium gamification LET’S STAY WINNING


What was the purpose of the Bank Millennium gamification project?

The goal of the project for Millennium Bank, was to refresh knowledge within the organization, strengthen the Everyday Banking Model and remind Employees of the Customer Service Standards model - so we were learning a model for opening a relationship with a new Customer. Undeniably, gamification proved to be a great tool for this! In addition, the title WINNER is the top podium in the popular NEWSWEEK bank ranking. Other goals were primarily to raise awareness about the importance of first meetings, establishing, maintaining relationships and customer satisfaction. Customer Service Standards is, of course, banking savoir vivre for our client Millennium Bank.

What did the project look like?


Bank Millennium gamification was based on a storyline, and required great and unconventional communication. We started with a “Mystery Phone” action, where phone calls were made to Branch Managers. The Bank passed on information to its Managers that one of the Customers had lost his phone and needed to be searched for.

Then all Branch Employees received an email:

Millemight at the start!

Did you find Mr. Christiano’s phone at your branch? We have to give it to him! We invite you on an amazing journey, during which there will be no shortage of attractions, twists and turns, as well as a decent dose of knowledge.

Tomorrow, each of you will receive by email your “ticket” for this journey, that is, your individual login data on a special Millemocni platform.

Be with us! We’ll see you on board 🙂


Project participants also got a video:

Communication arranged in this way, guaranteed engagement from the first days.

When we invited participants to the next tasks, this time in Portugal, the storyline and storytelling continued to play an important role, guiding our participants through the gamification and tasks in a sophisticated and engaging way:

The journey behind the largest diamond in history

The largest diamond in history has been found in Portugal. You have just finished your shift at work and are heading home. You want to leave already, when suddenly you hear the phone ring. Oy, not well your last client Mr. Christiano Porto has left his phone on the chair. The ringtone ominously demands to be answered. Number unknown. Maybe it’s the owner looking for his phone….

It is Christiano, asking you to help him retrieve his lost, the phone he left at the branch. You head to Chopin Airport to hand over the phone in person. Unfortunately, Christiano’s plane has just left and your client with it… A weekend in Portugal? Why not! Just some newspaper for the plane will come in handy.

At the airport you visit the Bookstore, where you want to buy a newspaper for the trip….

The first edition of the project ran from May to June 2018. It was so engaging and valuable that the client decided to do the second edition, which ran from May to July 2019. New tasks were given to participants every week, every Wednesday 🙂

The news of the loss of the second edition, caused such comments among the participants:

Bydgoszcz announces full mobilization!

Compact and ready for a new adventure!Already looking forward to it! The previous edition was a hit! A lot of fun and at the same time an interesting form of education.

Short, dynamic and ambitious – this is the best description of the project we conducted for Millennium Bank.
For two months, all Account Managers and Branch Managers (about 1,800 people) took part in a journey across European countries. The time that users spent on the platform was ergonomically adjusted so that the project did not negatively affect work time and efficiency. Gamification helps adjust the timing and difficulty of tasks.


As a recap, take a look at the reference letter from Millennium Bank and the project infographic.

Since 2018, we have implemented two gamified projects together with Westhill Consulting. Westhill designed and implemented a gamification solution that fully met our expectations. The purpose of both projects was to prepare and refresh Employees’ knowledge of the model for opening a relationship with a new Client. Using an interesting and engaging storyline, project participants gained further skills and expanded their knowledge. Through the use of many different forms of presentation of educational content, including: e-books, simulations, quizzes, infographics and knowledge tests, we maintained high participant engagement.
Westhill Consulting supported us in the communication of the project and was very flexible to all our suggestions and requested modifications.
I recommend cooperation with Westhill Consulting as a reliable and professional business partner -.

Aleksandra Gorbacz
Head of Customer Experience Management Department, Quality Department.

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