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Talent Development Program

The Auchan Leader Programme was a hybrid development project that combined kick-off sessions, Challange Rooms, development workshops, diagnostics and gamification on a dedicated platform with microlearning content.

The project developed the competences:

  • Internal and external customer orientation
  • Result orientation
  • Collaboration
  • Openness and continuous learning
  • Decision-making
  • Team management

The achievements on the platform extend the knowledge contained in the corporate competences. They break them down into smaller areas, each of which is further broken down into microlearning materials.

Talent Reflect survey – the first step in developing a talent pool.

In the survey, which was fully integrated into the platform:

  1. First, each participant completed a self-assessment,
  2. In the next step, they invited 3 to 5 people to give them feedback,
  3. Download the final report on the platform,
  4. Make an appointment online with a Westhill coach for an online consultation to discuss the results,
  5. Develops his knowledge of the strengths management concept in subsequent assignments.

Mentoring support was also part of this programme. See the workshop programme we provided for mentors.

  • Assumptions of mentoring: What is mentoring/Role of mentor/Tasks of mentor.
  • Communication model of change Objective – Image – Plan – Role.
  • Contracting in mentoring.
  • Ladder of competence.
  • Levels of professional maturity – diagnosis and selection of development methods.
  • Agreeing goals with the mentee.
  • Feedback in mentoring: principles, tools.
  • Questioning skills.
  • Conducting mentoring sessions.

Mentor Panel – a tool integrated into the gamification platform, helps support mentee development.

Gamification platform in support of the programme – see statistics.

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