How to know your personal talents – strengths?

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How to know your personal talents – strengths?

TalentReflect™ is a diagnostic tool fully integrated into the Gamehill gamification platform, that identifies the subject’s natural strengths. It combines self-assessment and 180-degree feedback. The person being assessed invites 5 other people to give feedback on how the person being assessed acts and behaves. This gives you a comprehensive insight into both your talents (potential) and the realities of your strengths (talents in action) as seen by others.

What is unique about the TalentReflect survey?

  • The survey is a unique solution from both the psychometric side for the business and the technological side.
  • The self-assessment of the interviewee is combined with a process of collecting feedback from 5 other people.
  • The dashboard allows the entire process to be managed by the subject himself and by the HR administrator.

The test panel provides a user-friendly way of both inviting people to give feedback and, in addition, automatically and intelligently reminding them of the invitation by generating a report and modifying it with new responses from respondents.

Meet the TalentReflect tool – what does the test diagnose?

The TalentReflect test is a development tool that reinforces training and coaching processes. This test is great for employees, salespeople and managers alike. They can all check their natural working style and take further steps to improve it.

The Reflect approach is also complemented by a 180-degree assessment methodology. The test is based on a concept developed by the Gallup Institute, referring to positive psychology research. It is described by M. Buckingham and D. Clifton.

What additional knowledge does TalentReflect provide compared to other tests based on the Gallup concept?

The test gives a result in the form of a matrix:

COMMON TALENTS: conscious area, I know/see, others know/see. It describes those talents that both the person tested and each of those people invited to give feedback can see.

INVISIBLE TALENTS: hidden area, I know / see, others do not know / see. An area that only the person surveyed can see.

UNCONSCIOUS TALENTS: an area invisible to the person surveyed, but others know/see these qualities.

Who is this tool designed for? Business use.

The test is part of development programmes, training or individual coaching. At the same time, it is well suited to complement Development Centre sessions. It is useful for managers or employees who want to determine their natural working or management style. There is added value in comparing your assessment with the opinions of others.

What questions does the talent test answer?

  • What is this person best at?
  • What is her area of greatest potential?
  • Which strengths do others see?
  • Is their opinion consistent?
  • Which potential talents can
  • The interviewee still put into action?

What development processes in the organisation can TalentReflect enhance?

You can opt for the TalentReflect test in recruitment and onboarding, coaching and talent programmes. The aim is to identify the strengths of the person being tested. Every employee has special talents. Developing them will have a good impact on his or her sales or managerial skills. As a result, the performance of the entire company will also be affected. The TalentReflect test is based on a self-assessment and the assessment of five other people. The person being tested selects respondents with whom he or she is in close contact. This allows for an objective approach and the combination of multiple perspectives to produce a content-rich analysis of strengths.

How does a step-by-step strengths survey work?