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    Gamehill gamification elearning platform delivers tailor made learning content for professionals to their desks and mobile phones. Wherever and whenever they are closest to utilizing this knowledge and skills.
    It could be sales, customers service-learning materials, or it could be about becoming better leader.


    Gamehill is a sister company of Westhill Consulting – a team of dedicated Training & Development consultants from Poland. We have always strived to make corporate learning more effective, meaningful and convenient. We started testing various uses of gamification in learning for several years now, building scenario-based training seminars as well as using game concepts in on-line learning solutions. In 2015 we have built a next generation Gamified learning platform that received an outstanding reception among players as well as clients (it is dedicated for corporations at this stage)

    We have learnt from our and others’ mistakes and focused on an interesting narrative and a single player path rather than “buffet” or “Netflix” approach overwhelming users with choice. It proved to be working for small (15) and large (2000) target groups of very mixed demographics. We have experience with white collars managers from finance sector, millennials in coffee shops and car mechanics and we get equally good engagement rates. We utilize a broad mix of game mechanics (ca. 30) rather than relying on (in)famous PBL’s only. We cross platforms and connect worlds combining on-line and offline tasks, and even bringing online characters to real life scenarios. Communication with users goes beyond the platform, with e-mails, in-character text messages, live chat support and even post cards included!